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Whether due to age or storm damage, Agave Roofing provides roof replacement services in San Antonio at a fraction of the cost of traditional roofing companies.  Since we DON’T spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on fancy billboards or TV/Radio advertisements, we DON’T have to inflate the price of your roof in order to pass that advertisement cost onto you.   We actually take a completely different approach in that we are constantly working to LOWER our price for our customers while maintaining or improving our quality and service.

Let us restore your roof to protect your most valuable asset

Your home is expensive and your roof is one of the largest and most exposed systems in your
home. With Agave Roofing you don’t have to put off your San Antonio or austin roof replacement any longer and risk extensive damage. You know you are getting the best deal possible on a high-quality and long lasting roofing system when you choose Agave Roofing.


We do not offer any kind of financing for our roof installations.  We have found that many of the finance companies charge significant amounts of interest and do not want our clients to be subjected to that. 

Your roof’s job is to protect the rest of your home (Wooden Framing, Sheathing, Insulation, Drywall, Furniture and YOU!) from the wear and tear of being exposed to the environment.  As it ages or gets damaged it does a worse and worse job of protecting those things.  It will begin with small leaks that rot the decking under the shingles and then begins to damage the drywall.  When the decking is sufficiently rotted, holes will form letting water directly into your home. 

95% of our Re-Roof projects take 1 day to complete from start to finish.  Occasionally on more complex or larger projects this will be extended to 2 days.
We love to be as transparent as possible with the prices that we charge.  The price of every roof is different due to material selection, size, pitch, waste factors and height.  Our average re-roof cost across all of our projects in 2021 was $8,336.  A good range for most Single-Family Homes in San Antonio would be anywhere from $5,000 for small 1-story homes to $10,000 for larger 2-story homes.  We offer quick and free estimates without the sticky sales pitch you get from other companies.
You want to get the most life out of your roof so we never recommend replacement purely on the age of the current roof.  “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!”  Instead, we base our recommendations of roof replacement on the current condition of the roof.

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