About Agave Roofing

Our Mission

Our Values

The only truth we have comes from God and is found in His Word, the Bible. We endeavor to live out the commandments found in the Bible and to acknowledge when we fail to live up to them. Here are two values found in the Bible that we strive to follow.

Our Story

Agave Roofing was founded by Jonathan Lunsford in San Antonio, TX. After graduating from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Science and having received job offers as a project engineer from two large and well respected Commercial General Contractors, Jonathan decided instead to pursue a career in commercial and residential real estate investment. Through his investment career, the most consistent issue Jonathan faced was finding good contractors to work with on property renovations. There was clearly a need in the market for more reliable, trustworthy and well-priced contractors and so Agave Roofing was born.

Since inception, Agave Roofing has focused our sights on serving real estate businesses with high-quality and well-priced roof repairs and replacements. We have learned from our own personal experience in these fields, to focus on long term business relationships by consistently providing high value to clients and being a reliable and honest partner for them.

Our Difference

Every contractor claims to be different but few can really show it. At Agave Roofing we strive to stand apart from our industry and use the benefits we derive from those competitive advantages to better serve our clients.

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