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If you are looking for help with hail damage roof repair services, then look no further than the team at Agave Roofing Company in San Antonio TexasWe have all seen pictures of houses that were hit by hail, and we know how devastating it is. We can assist with any storm related hail damage repair services. Give us a call now (830) 313-1013!

What is hail damage and why it's bad for your roof?

Hail may cause damages on your house, based on what size the hailstone and the timing at which it impacts. It’s not only about damaged windows or damaged siding either. The hailstones can enter ceilings, walls floor, and roofs.

If a hailstone strikes the roof of your home, it causes pressure that forces water into your attic. This kind of damage can be difficult to see from the outside. You might have noticed a sound coming from your home after the storm has passed through. How can you tell whether you’ve got flooding in your roof? It is best to contact an expert in hail damage roofing for an appointment to carry out a thorough inspection.

What are the typical signs of hail damage?

The most common signs of hail damage on a roof include water stains around the edges of your roof (which can lead to mold and mildew). A distinctive “cracking” noise that follows the hailstones when they hit your roof. This is not caused by wind, but rather by pressure from the hailstone hitting your roof.

Cracked or chipped siding on both sides of your home. The cracks may appear as small holes in different places or may be very large, depending on how far away you are from where the hailstones impacted each side of your house.

Hail Damage to Your Roof Causes Problems for You and Your Home if it’s not repaired quickly, water will eventually make its way into your attic space and cause serious damage to everything inside. If you think you may have hail damage to your roof after a storm has passed, don’t wait too long before getting it inspected or you may have a bigger problem on your hands.

If you suspect hail has damaged your roof, contact a professional today

If you have hail damage to your roof, it is important that you take action right away. Do not wait until the storm has passed and the sun can dry out your roof. Make sure that you contact a professional roofing contractor immediately for free advice about what repairs may be needed and how much it will cost to repair or replace your roof. Call us today at (830) 313-1013.

Hail can and often does significantly damage shingles roofs.  Hail stones impact the shingles and remove the colored protective granules that protect the shingle.  Once these granules are removed the sun makes short work of the asphalt and fiberglass core of the shingle resulting in significant deterioration of the shingles and eventually, numerous leaks all across your roof.
Depending on the color of your roof and the intensity of the strikes, hail damage could be very easy or difficult to spot.  With lighter colored shingles such as white, even relatively light hail damage is readily visible, but with black shingles, even during a close inspection it could be easy to miss damage.  There are many other signs that we will look for during a hail damage inspection such as torn window screens, broken or chipped siding and dented roofing vents.  Agave Roofing will complete a free and thorough exterior inspection of your home to determine the full extent of the storm damage to your home.  No sneaky contracts or pushy sales tactics, just an honest assessment from a local professional roofing company.

Often the only way to fix hail damage is to replace the entire roof.  This is because hail damage is so widely spread across the surface of your roof that replacing each damaged shingle individually is inefficient and cost prohibitive.  With Agave Roofing you can be sure no matter what the extent of damage to your roof may be, we will replace or repair your roof at a high level of quality for a fraction of the cost of other roofing companies.

In Texas there is a two-year statutory limit for reporting hail damage to your roof to your insurance company.  Many Texas homeowners believe a hail damaged roof can just be fixed down the line, but this gives your insurance company grounds to deny your claim if they believe the hail damage is more than two years old.  It is vitally important after a storm that you have a professional roofing company such as Agave Roofing evaluate the condition of your roof.
It is illegal for a roofing company in Texas to pay the homeowners deductible or charge the homeowner and insurance company two different prices.  Many roofing companies will bend the rules by offering “Advertising Credits” but this is just a fancy way of breaking the law.  At Agave Roofing while we will not pay your deductible, we can offer a significantly upgraded roofing system at no extra charge to you or your insurance company.

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