Frequently Asked Questions

We do not offer any kind of financing for our roof installations.  We have found that many of the finance companies charge significant amounts of interest and do not want our clients to be subjected to that. 

Your roof’s job is to protect the rest of your home (Wooden Framing, Sheathing, Insulation, Drywall, Furniture and YOU!) from the wear and tear of being exposed to the environment.  As it ages or gets damaged it does a worse and worse job of protecting those things.  It will begin with small leaks that rot the decking under the shingles and then begins to damage the drywall.  When the decking is sufficiently rotted, holes will form letting water directly into your home. 

95% of our Re-Roof projects take 1 day to complete from start to finish.  Occasionally on more complex or larger projects this will be extended to 2 days.
We love to be as transparent as possible with the prices that we charge.  The price of every roof is different due to material selection, size, pitch, waste factors and height.  Our average re-roof cost across all of our projects in 2021 was $8,336.  A good range for most Single-Family Homes in San Antonio would be anywhere from $5,000 for small 1-story homes to $10,000 for larger 2-story homes.  We offer quick and free estimates without the sticky sales pitch you get from other companies.
You want to get the most life out of your roof so we never recommend replacement purely on the age of the current roof.  “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!”  Instead, we base our recommendations of roof replacement on the current condition of the roof.

You want to get the most life out of your roof so we never recommend replacement purely on the age of the current roof.  “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!”  Instead, we base our recommendations of roof replacement on the current condition of the roof.

Our roof repairs can cost anywhere from $250-900. On the low end are repairs like replacing a leaking pipe flashing or replacing damaged shingles. On the high end of repairs like replacing a full roof valley flashing or re-flashing a chimney. One thing you can be sure of is that we will always provide you with a high-quality roof repair at an incredibly competitive price.

We also include a 1-Year Guarantee with all of our roof repairs so that you never have to pay twice for the same issue.

Chimney Re-Flashing, Damaged shingle replacement, Missing shingle replacement,
leaking pipe flashing replacement, Vent replacement, Silicone Coatings, Valley flashing
replacement, Rotten decking replacement and any other shingle roof issues.

Occasionally we will be able to complete the roof repair the same day we inspect. More
often however, we will tarp the house at the time of the inspection to protect it until we
complete the roof repair.

The majority of roof repairs will only take 1-2 hours to complete. Occasionally with a
larger roof repair, it could be a full day job.

In an emergency we can immediately tarp your roof to keep your roof from leaking. We will then schedule the full repair for completion upon acceptance of our estimate.

Hail can and often does significantly damage shingles roofs.  Hail stones impact the shingles and remove the colored protective granules that protect the shingle.  Once these granules are removed the sun makes short work of the asphalt and fiberglass core of the shingle resulting in significant deterioration of the shingles and eventually, numerous leaks all across your roof.

Depending on the color of your roof and the intensity of the strikes, hail damage could be very easy or difficult to spot.  With lighter colored shingles such as white, even relatively light hail damage is readily visible, but with black shingles, even during a close inspection it could be easy to miss damage.  There are many other signs that we will look for during a hail damage inspection such as torn window screens, broken or chipped siding and dented roofing vents.  Agave Roofing will complete a free and thorough exterior inspection of your home to determine the full extent of the storm damage to your home.  No sneaky contracts or pushy sales tactics, just an honest assessment from a local professional roofing company.

Often the only way to fix hail damage is to replace the entire roof.  This is because hail damage is so widely spread across the surface of your roof that replacing each damaged shingle individually is inefficient and cost prohibitive.  With Agave Roofing you can be sure no matter what the extent of damage to your roof may be, we will replace or repair your roof at a high level of quality for a fraction of the cost of other roofing companies.

In Texas there is a two-year statutory limit for reporting hail damage to your roof to your insurance company.  Many Texas homeowners believe a hail damaged roof can just be fixed down the line, but this gives your insurance company grounds to deny your claim if they believe the hail damage is more than two years old.  It is vitally important after a storm that you have a professional roofing company such as Agave Roofing evaluate the condition of your roof.

It is illegal for a roofing company in Texas to pay the homeowners deductible or charge the homeowner and insurance company two different prices.  Many roofing companies will bend the rules by offering “Advertising Credits” but this is just a fancy way of breaking the law.  At Agave Roofing while we will not pay your deductible, we can offer a significantly upgraded roofing system at no extra charge to you or your insurance company.