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Roof Repair Service

Nothing bothers us more than shady roofers scaring people into thinking they need a whole new roof when in reality all they need is a high-quality roof repair.  When we complete our free roof inspection, we are always looking for a way to solve your roofing problem correctly at the lowest possible cost to you.  Our scale allows us to hire dedicated and specialized roof repair technicians which means you are getting the highest quality repair at the lowest price.

Get the most life out of your roof with a high-quality roof repair

When possible, we offer high quality and low-cost roof repairs. Many roofing companies scare homeowners into paying thousands for a simple fix. We will show you pictures of the issues with your roof and give you a low-cost estimate along with a detailed explanation of what exactly needs to be done. We even encourage you to call more than one roofing company to get other estimates to compare ours with. Here is a list of common repairs we get calls for.
tree damage roof repair

Tree Damage Repair

Where branches touch your roof, the tree will when. Branches will rub holes in your shingles and cause leaks. We trim back the tree branches and replace any damaged shingles and underlayment to ensure no leaks will form.
wind damage roof repair

Wind Damage Repair

Especially with 3-Tab shingles, the wind will rip single shingles or even whole sheets of shingles off the roof. In this case we will replace all missing or damaged shingles with a color matched shingles. In cases that your tar paper has been exposed to the sun for an extended amount of time, we will also install synthetic underlayment
water leak roof repair

Water Leak Roof Repair

Leaks are most common where there are penetrations in the roof, water is slowing down or water is changing directions. Whether it’s a leaking fire place, roof valley or skylight, we can solve your leak at an affordable price with a 1-Year Guarantee.
san antonio hail damage roof repairs
Most often in the case of hail damage, a roof repair is not possible due to the extent of damaged shingles. If your roof has been significantly damaged by hail the most cost-effective solution is a full re-roof. We offer high-quality and low-cost shingle roofs so you can be sure you are getting the best value possible.


Our roof repairs can cost anywhere from $250-900. On the low end are repairs like replacing a leaking pipe flashing or replacing damaged shingles. On the high end of repairs like replacing a full roof valley flashing or re-flashing a chimney. One thing you can be sure of is that we will always provide you with a high-quality roof repair at an incredibly competitive price.

We also include a 1-Year Guarantee with all of our roof repairs so that you never have to pay twice for the same issue.

Chimney Re-Flashing, Damaged shingle replacement, Missing shingle replacement,
leaking pipe flashing replacement, Vent replacement, Silicone Coatings, Valley flashing
replacement, Rotten decking replacement and any other shingle roof issues.

Occasionally we will be able to complete the roof repair the same day we inspect. More
often however, we will tarp the house at the time of the inspection to protect it until we
complete the roof repair.

The majority of roof repairs will only take 1-2 hours to complete. Occasionally with a
larger roof repair, it could be a full day job.

In an emergency we can immediately tarp your roof to keep your roof from leaking. We will then schedule the full repair for completion upon acceptance of our estimate.

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